Your First Punching Heavy Bag: Free Standing Or Hanging?

For beginners who are looking for their first punching heavy bag, one question will be more pronounced than any other. Should you get hanging or free standing punching bag? You also have this question right? We will give you the answer and explain why you should use it by.

Differences: Free standing Punching Bag vs Hanging Punching Bag

Hanging punching bag

Hanging punching bag may look more appealing. This is because of the movement they will provide, meaning that you will have to move as well in order to follow the bag and punch a bag. It is also beneficial because it simulates the movement of a person better.

However, not all things are advantages. These bags are extremely complicated to install. You will need to drill holes, use tools and etc. Unless you are familiar with all of these things, you will have to call a professional, which also increases the overall cost of having a punching bag ready to use. These bags are also more expensive. They are less desirable if you want to practice kicks and lower body punches.

Hanging bags are usually filled with water or sand. They are layered with leather or heavy-duty vinyl. This may be an advantage if you are a professional fighter. You will need this type of resistance and the ability of the bag to withstand millions of impacts. But, if you are a beginner, this is an issue. You will likely injure yourself and you will find that the resistance is above the comfortable range.

Free standing bags

There are a lot of free standing punching bags you can consider at the moment. They are affordable, they are known as MMA bags, something you can take a look at SmartMMA and they don’t require any installation. Basically, you can place them anywhere you want and a bag is ready. These bags are also more desirable for practicing lower body hits and impacts. They don’t require any space at all and you can easily move them.

The only drawback is the movement of the bag. It isn’t as pronounced as you were able to see in the first case scenario. They are more stationary meaning that you won’t have to move as much as with a hanging punching bag, which has a negative effect on your stamina.

Free standing bags are filled with special foam which is far more comfortable for your joints. In general, they are much better for beginners simply due to the fact they are more comfortable and they eliminate the risk of an injury.

The final word

In the end, all we can say is that a free standing punching bag is more desirable if you are a beginner. If you are looking for your first bag of this kind, go for this type and you won’t make a mistake. If you are a professional or you have years of experience, go for hanging punching bag.