Tips To Earn Coins In Wordscape To Level Up 

Games are evolving day by day and their categories too. Many people go for action games whereas many go for mind booster games. There are many games by which you can perform a daily exercise of your mind and improve your cognitive power. One of the best games that people go for is wordscapesThese games contain riddles and puzzles which you have to solve to reach the next stage. As you enter the next stage, the level of complexity increases. These games are very fun and people enjoy them playing in their free time.

There are some coins given to you in these games. These coins can help you with the answers that you are not able to find out. These coins act as a lifeline or cheat code to clear that certain stage. These coins are limited in number but you can earn them by following some effective tips discussed below.

  • Daily puzzles– in the game, you get daily puzzles to boost up your ranking. By playing these puzzles, you can also earn the coins. You can take help of your friends and family in solving these puzzles. As soon as you solve a certain puzzle, you will be rewarded with coins. Missing out the daily puzzle can miss out the chance of getting coins on that day. You should open the game regularly to claim your awards and extra coins.
  • Bonus word– while playing this game, you are provided with a bonus word on the side. Ignoring that can make you miss out the chances of getting extra coins. You should always immediately click on the play now button and start playing for the bonus word. If you guess the word correctly, you will be benefited with an extra coin. These bonuses can come for a different number of coins as a reward.
  • Watch video– today every other gaming site is doing promotional activities. Thus, you can click on the watch video option. By clicking on this option, you will have a promotional video playing. After the video ends, you will earn some extra coins. These videos are generally of 30 seconds and you can go for this easy option to fill in your coin wallet.
  • Tell friends– every other gaming site and apps have the option of sharing. These sites provide a certain reward when you share their games with your friends or family. You can get up to 300+ coins at once by sharing the link. This will be rewarded to you when that particular person installs the game in his device and starts playing. This is a very easy method to get a huge number of coins with a simple click.
  • Buy – of course, the hassle-free method of getting the coins are buying them directly from the site. There are many packages available on the sites that you can go for as per your budget. Decide upon the need for coins and then choose the package carefully from the cheaper range and premium range.