Purchase Miniature Figures To Practice Your Drawing

For a student of arts, it is very necessary to practice his or her craft relentlessly as it will give them a chance to make better drawings. Even for professional artists, it is very difficult to draw sketches of body postures without seeking any reference. Contrary to this, it is even harder for a beginner as they can’t afford to make the models to pose for them. In such a situation, it is better to purchase a body kun figurine which allows you to practice your craft for hours.

Why should you purchase these figures?

They attain different poses

Since these figures can bend on several joints like humans thus you can make them attain several poses and can practice your drawing. Unlike models, they are cost-effective and also offer you a chance to shape hairstyle, clothing and facial features as per your demand.


Either you are traveling or in a hotel room, with these miniature figures, it is very easy to draw quality drawings even on your iPad or on a regular drawing book. You can click their pictures and you can store them on the iPad. This makes it easier for you to edit the pictures and create dazzling effects with them.

Things to consider when using this figure to make the drawing

Emphasizing proportions

When you are starting your first venture with a figurine, it is very essential to measure the relationship of the size with the help of a pencil. You then have to make a judgment about the angles which are in between, it would be better to use vertical or horizontal plumb lines for placement observation between the shapes.

Look for a perfect gesture

When you are practicing with a figurine, you need to give more emphasis on posture, gesture, action, and emotions. It is recommended not to get intimidated by the shape of a muscle; you are required to carve it on a piece of paper or any electronic device with a straight line, S or C curve. You have to trace for lines which will provide a genuine look to your drawing.

After carving gestures, you then have to work on the structure. Here you are required to make subtle changes to the figure so that it provides a genuine look. To get the desired look, you have to answer the questions like whether you want limbs, ribcage in ovoid, cylindrical or box shape.

Look for different body contouring 

In this process, you have to simplify anatomical shapes to geometrical shapes. You can use plan of slat, deltoid, and pecs instead of using a box for the torso. For this purpose, it is also considered to shade the figures which give them more appeal and more people will showcase their interest. Shadow lines depict small edges between several planes. After building forms with the help of lines, you then have to provide tone in them.

For providing genuine appearance to the figure, learn to draw circles from various angles. You should learn to draw torso with the help of two different circles over each other. This process will give you an idea about the inclination, turn of the body.