PS4 HDD Upgrade Guide: Best PS4 Hard Drive Replacement

Do you know that asides the fact that PS4 is a game console, it is also a pretty much robust media center; this game console captivates the mind of gamers worldwide. But it is quite unfortunate that a media center with restricted memory would be unusable and won’t fit into purpose, so it is advisable to opt for a standard hard drive with larger memory capacity, even if you are already in possession of the newer version that comes with 1TB drive capacity. In the pursuit of changing your PS4 hard drive; there are various factors to consider before making a concrete decision.

Before we proceed with this article, we suggest that you peruse our article that features the best PS4 hard drive (HDD) replacement that you are looking for. Once you peruse that article there is no need to check this one as it has more comprehensive details on this subject matter.

Check the Size of The PS4 Hard Drive You Want to Replace
The size of your current PS4’s hard drive doesn’t matter whether you have 500GB or the new 1TB PlayStation 4, you can always secure more storage space. Once you start downloading games, HD videos, and demos, all that available hard-disk space will fizzle out. Probably you don’t know that Sony came up with the PS4 to allow console owners to carry out their own hard-drive upgrades. That is exciting news for the most PS4 fan that cannot carry out numerous tasks with the current limited capacity of the hard drive. You can go to the store to choose your own hard drive instead of being propelled to purchase an official first-party hard-disk device. However, if you give console owners that kind of freedom, it implies that aspiring upgraders will need to learn how to choose the proper installation technique and the right hard-drive upgrade.

It is incredibly easy to upgrade the PlayStation 4 hard drive. You really have nothing to worry about, especially if you follow the guidelines carefully. In the Sony PS4 guide, Sony reveals the technique on how to perform the task, but if you read towards the end of the manual, they throw in a bunch of protective legal jargons saying you may invalidate your warranty. I think you have to do the right thing and the only way out of it is: if your console requires service, re-activate the original factory hard drive before you proceed with the task. That is the only way you can reassure your fears and be on a safer side.

Replacing You PS4 Hard Disk Drive Is Easy
Remember saving up money to purchase memory cards and whatnot? The good news is that you don’t need to that anymore. As applicable to any personal computer, the game files can be saved onto the PS4 internal drive without any distortion until the user needs to use the files. You can locate the files under the Game menu in the XMB profile. The PS4 features a backup function that will save all the files, and that is an exciting news for novices who have just been introduced to the world of PS4….provided that you are in possession of a large storage device that can hold the files. Incorporating an external hard drive into PS4 makes things easier and better.