Overview Of Recreations In Avenue South Residence

Located within 2 kilometers of Central Business District, Avenue South Residence is one of the newest residential developments in Singapore. Exactly, it is at the corner of Kampong Bahru Road, Silat Avenue behind the Spottiswoode Park neighborhood. Avenue South Residence Floor Plan is amazing with several options for people of a different budget. It is being estimated that the joint project venture will be one of the tallest condominiums in Singapore with a fascinating view of the Greater Southern Waterfront and the city.

Developers of Avenue South Residence

The condo project is the joint venture between the UOL Group, Kheng Leong Company and UIC (United Industrial Corporation). The UOL Group is a well known and one of the largest property dealers in Singapore. Many commercial and residential properties are the results of the work of UOL Group; they even have their projects overseas like China, Malaysia, and UK.

Kheng Leong Company was an international firm that dealt in commodities; later it expanded its business in real estate. With investments from large firms and collaboration projects, it soon grew to be a successful firm across the Asian Pacific region.

Lastly, UIC is also a Singapore-based firm dealing in property investments and developments. The company has millions of square feet of space of office and retail space as well. They also have had projects overseas in cities like London and Shanghai.

The Rail Corridor

The site of the residential condo is just across a section of Rail Corridor aside of the Kampong Bahru Road. The Rail Corridor is being built for recreational and leisure time activities. It will act as a community space running about 24 km along with many recreation events and estates. With the heritage of Singapore, the corridor will contribute to the greenery of the city; it will be accessible to the residents of the Avenue South Residence from Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

Recreational opportunities

Apart from the Rail Corridor, the Mount Faber Park at Kampong Bahru Road is within a kilometer of the site. It is a section of the chain of parks and reserves, the Southern Ridges Green Belt that includes Kent Ridge Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Hortpark. Other creative nodes after the Rail Corridor are Coast to Coast trail and Round Island Route. These places are so live that they have events going on every other day to keep the residents involved in the community; which they won’t be unless otherwise.

Other amenities

The amenities include coffee shops, laundry shops, a fair price shop, beauty salons, and all at Silat Avenue which is just around the corner; other shops and eateries are located along the Jalan Bukit Merah. The Singapore General Hospital is one of the largest medical properties in Singapore, which is around the area of the township. It is not that you will definitely need it but there will be an assurance that if there is an emergency, the medical help won’t be far.

If you are someone who loves to explore places and try new things, Avenue South Residence will be very entertaining for you. You can live in peace in your condo unit and can go out to various events if you are bored.