Liven up your tearoom business with music courtesy of ukulele from ReviewPlays

I remember I was traveling in Southeast Asia. I spent several months in Thailand before swinging my way through the Philippines for a couple of months on the way back to California, On this return trip to the Philippines, it really blew my mind because people from this part of the world are very, very musically talented.

We’ve all heard of how awesome Filipino singers are. It seems like regardless of where they find themselves in the planet, whether they’re working as doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, business consultants, professionals or construction specialists, domestic assistance and maintenance providers, Filipinos never let go of their love of the song word.

In other words, they communicate by song, and it’s just really amazing because you can tell that people, regardless of how lonely they are, regardless of how disconnected or how much of life is pressing down on them, they can’t help but connect with their soul by singing.

It is this awesome intensity, authenticity and sincerity that was really conveyed to me when I was hanging out at Malate Circle in Manila, and there were several ukuleleists and some random people just walking by started to sing. These people were not being paid, and tips were definitely optional, but what really got to me was that my tearoom experience was really taken to a whole other level because of the spontaneity and ram human sincerity and authenticity of what was going on.

I’ve listened to a lot of ukulele music and, as we all know, the most awesome classical ukulele sounds come from Spain hands down. It’s just something about the Spanish soul that really speaks through the Spanish ukulele.

However, there was just something about this trip in the Philippines that really gave me this idea about my own tearoom business in Southern California. I called it Open Ukulele Night, and it’s basically Monday-Wednesday-Friday. The first few weeks were kind of rough, but, after a while, word got out and people caught on. People would bring their ukulele and either they would play acoustic numbers or people would sing along with ukulele accompaniment. Nobody is charging any money, and tips are purely voluntary, but it really blew my mind as to how popular this got. Of course, the restaurant became very successful as well.

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