Interesting Details About All-New Piermont Grand

Most of you have heard already that the Piermont grand condominium is making its advance and soon you will be able to view the showflat and to complete a form for purchasing a new condo. This is a rare opportunity you will have to explore interesting facts about the condominium and imagine how it will look once done.

It covers over 27.000 square meters

One of the first and the most important things we must reveal regarding Piermont grand EC is the size of the construction. It will cover a massive area of 27.000 square meters. Obviously, we are referring to the facility only and the overall site is much bigger. It is actually more than 82.000 square meters. As such, we can agree that the condominium will provide a lot of space for all residents and it will make Singapore look more modern.

At this point, we simply must include the development process. It is based on the latest research and the new technology which makes the condominium able to maximize the site. In other words, residents will get useful space in all parts of the condominium and they will be able to get the most out of the lowest amount of space. It is common in Asia and Europe and it is something we all love.

Between 10 and 17 storeys

The condominium is one of the largest facilities of this kind in Singapore. It will feature between 10 and 17 storeys and it will dominate the city. This is an important advantage if you want to live in one of the biggest condominiums of this era in the country and if you want to experience the linked benefits. Of course, the tallness of the facility will vary and you will be placed according to the type of apartment you get.

820 units will be available

The next and the biggest reason why this condominium is so desirable is the number of units. Once completed, there will be 820 units for sale and they will be super-modern, based on the latest technology and they will accommodate families from entire Singapore.

The list of apartments starts with one-room condos. They are the smallest. However, the biggest apartments will have 5 rooms. Of course, all variations in between will be available as well. Add an affordable price and you can see why this condominium will become extremely important in the country and the city. It has all people are looking for and something even more.


Piermont grand covers over 27.000 square meters, has 10-17 storeys and 820 units. It has enough room to accommodate all of you and it will become one of the most important condominiums in Singapore as soon as it is done. Actually, it is already a very desirable place to be and it has countless benefits and advantages you will want to use. For some of you, this is going to become a dream house with all the things you have ever wanted.