How To Choose The Perfect Bike?

Cycling is a great sport to keep you healthy and fit. Many people do this on a professional level and their bikes are very different, specially designed for stunts and races. BMX bikes are very common among the people as these bikes are an excellent companion of all the professionals in this field. These bikes come in various sizes and varieties and have different components to enhance the racing experience. So, you can choose them as per your requirement.

Tips to buy a perfect BMX bike

Know the intention – BMX bike comes in a wide variety and all serve different purposes. Therefore, it is very important to know your purpose of riding and then choose the bike suitable for you.

  • Freestyle – in freestyle riding, people use freestyle bike specially designed to tackle all the road hurdles and ramps. Freestyle riding is mainly done on the streets and skate parks. This style is very common among the people as compared to the other styles.
  • Racing – in this category, all the bikes are designed in lightweight frames to boost up the speed of bikes while you are racing.
  • Dirt jump– this is the category, people ride these bikes and perform stunts and jumps on dirt and soil. This style is evolved from racing bikes used by professional racers. Bikes used in this style are more powerful and durable.

Check components – parts of the bikes can make it good so it is important to check whether all the parts are of good quality.

  • Small sprocket– there should be small sprocket of 25 to 39t present at the front. Any sprocket bigger than this can make the bike heavy and it will be difficult to perform the tricks.
  • Heavy duty rims– there are many bikes available in the market which comes with single-wall rims. This does not make them last longer. Go for the double-wall rims to make your bike more durable and long-lasting.
  • Peg– peg which is attached to the wheel axis should be made of steel. Peg’s function is to grind the obstacles when used in freestyle riding. Thus, good quality pegs are important while you make your choice.

Choose proper size – it is very important to be comfortable with your bike while you are riding it. Small size difference can make your riding not worth it. Whenever you buy the bike you should check properly whether the size of the bike suits you or not. The best option to test is to ride them before you make your choice. Go for the other models too so that in future you don’t have to regret your choice.

Weight – Weight of the bike matters a lot. Heavy bikes can be difficult to handle and you can face many problems while riding them. Choose the lightweight bikes so that you can spin them easily in the mid-air. If you are choosing the bike for racing purpose then lightweight bikes are the best option as they will give you the speed which you need.