How Does Geo-Location Help Businesses And Marketing?

The current generation is heavily reliant on devices that have internet access or are connected via some other kind of network. These services do not necessarily provide your identity or accurate location like you may have seen in the movie, but they can track down your city area and often even your zip code. Geo-location software are normally subscription based and can be used by anyone who can pay for it. Websites like provide accurate geo-location services with the help of their dedicated satellite and powerful tracking system.

How does it work?

An IP based Geo-location service tracks people by using a plethora of different databases from a lot of different sources. One of the most prominently used database is the regional registry database of internet connections. This database is managed and compiled by authorized organizations which are responsible for recording details about every internet connection in your area.

Another way of tracking is analyzing websites where your IP address may have popped up. All this data isn’t enough, the IP address is then used on geo location software so that further details can be acquired. By using all the different databases, it can reveal your city, region and sometimes even the postal code.

Use of Geo-location in businesses

As the reliance of the world over internet and connected networks increases, businesses are also using Geo-location software for different purposes, the following are some of it.

Gaming compliance

Gaming is one of the most common areas where geo location is heavily used. Gaming companies use these services in order to pinpoint the exact location of the player so that they can send in related ads and can make the gaming experience better by connecting them to the nearest servers.

Avoiding online scams and frauds

Businesses are often the biggest victims of fraudulent activities. They can use geo-location to identify everyone that visits their websites or logs onto their apps and trace them down in case of any mishap. The geo location information is used to check the authenticity of the user when they log in and also whenever any monetary transactions take place.

Customer engagement and targeted advertising

Businesses nowadays have understood the needs of fast and personalized advertisements according to customers. They use geo-location to find out the trends in the locality and accordingly target individual potential customers. This ensures better engagement and the chance of conversion increases significantly.

Copyright protection

A content that is available online may or may not be available everywhere and to everyone. Subscription based video streaming sites use geo-location to filter out content according to the location from where you are using their services. Geo-location helps such companies to better manage their content so that interests of the creators can be protected and the intellectual property doesn’t get copied.

Traffic management and security

IP based geo-location doesn’t require any further privacy disclosures like cookies, this makes it perfect for managing the traffic and the online security of any website. Geo-location allows businesses to track down any user easily and identify him as a threat or no threat so that subsequent action can be taken.