Going For An Adventure Trip – Here Is The Type Of Canopy Tent That You Should Look For

When you are planning your next outdoor trip, taking weather into consideration is something that none of us should ignore. We all check and gather more information about the weather before planning any trip and accordingly pack our bags. However, the fact that there could be a sudden turn of weather and what you were expecting to be a bright sunny day turned out to be one with roaring clouds cannot be ignored.

Don’t ignore these points

To deal with the weather issue, you need to consider your options when buying the canopy tents. There are various features which should be checked in the list when buying a new canopy. You can read about it below.

The right size of the canopy

When you see the form factor of the canopy tents, they are almost the same with same four legs and overhead cover. However, the size differs with common sizes being the 10×10 or 12×12. Along with this, you would also need to consider the walk-in height of the tent. For instance, for someone who is above 6 feet, putting inside a small canopy tent would not be a good idea. You might think that the tent hardly matters because we just need a place to put up occasionally. But actually not having a proper sleep due to adverse weather or size issue could be very frustrating and spoil the whole mood.

Check out the material

If you are traveling where sudden weather change is common then make sure to buy the canopy which is thicker and can hold for longer. Usually, you would get the Vinyl and polyester canopies and out of the two, Vinyl canopies are more durable as compared to the other one. So, if you are looking for a tent which is water resistant and would be more durable, go for vinyl one. There are also tents which offer protection from the UV rays which would be good if you are looking to travel to a place which has clear weather.  You would also need to look for the canopy tents leg style while buying one. So, you would have the option of either straight or slant legs. You would have to decide the type of tent you would be more comfortable in.

Check out the legs of the tent

Even though slant legs are more popular for how they look, the straight legs canopy are tougher and would provide better protection from the elements around. Anyways, the selection still depends on the tent that you would be comfortable in.

You also have many other factors to consider when looking to buy the right tent for your outdoor trip. So, one of the things is sidewalls that are known to provide safety from the sun as well as harsh weather. These sidewalls can be either full or half. More importantly, they can be made up of different materials and depending on the protection you want, there are options available. Then, you have options such as graphics, one-push technology and so on that you can select from.