Easy Registration Process For One Pearl Bank Units

The new, astounding and eye soothing residential towers at Pearl Hill are a meritorious creation by CapitaLand. They were formerly known as One Pearl Bank Apartments which is now acquired by builders at S$728 million and they have made these towers a dream place to live for people. Right since their announcement in the market, these towers have been a center of attraction among all residents in entire Singapore. The two major factors that make these 39 storey towers unique of all are the skyline rooftop garden connecting both of them from the top and second is the shape which is like a horseshoe.

For the convenience of an interested buyer, developers have provided the facility of appointing an efficient and skilled sales team. If you want to register for a unit for your family then you can contact the professionals by the hotline number given on the website or you can also fill and submit registration form directly on the website and they will contact you back.

Given below are some benefits of registering through the Sales Team appointed by the developers:

Zero commission, free service – If you have ever bought a home by any real estate marketing website or any real estate agent then might you be aware of the fact that you have to pay commission to your agency or agent for their services. Also, more luxurious and awesome the property is, more will be the commission paid. So, you can imagine by yourself how high will be the commission of the property like units of One Pearl Bank Condo. You can instead avail the free services that are offered by the developers to interested buyers. You don’t have to pay any extra commission rather you are going to enjoy a lot of benefits that are discussed below in the article.

VVIP Preview of One Pearl Bank Showflat – It is not a surprising fact that there is a huge crowd lined up for getting an appointment for showflats. Since these units are one of a kind so a lot of people have already lined to get their appointments scheduled. But if you don’t want to wait then you can register yourself for VVIP Preview from their official website. With this, you can easily get a date scheduled for showflat preview and the best part is that it will be according to your date and time preference.

First hand and latest information – By registering with these professionals, you will be getting all the latest and first-hand information of One Pearl Bank. Since developers have not published the floor plans on the website yet but you can get all of them by these professionals. They will not only give you detailed floor plans but you can also see them whenever you want with showflat appointment. Also, if you like any floor plan while your showflat visit then you can book a unit right at that moment and you will also get an early bird discount on the price of units. So, you can easily register yourself and enjoy a lot of benefits while acquiring your favorite unit.