An Expert’s Guide to Choosing a Pickleball Paddle

The fact is that it is quite difficult to choose a Pickleball paddle. With all the numerous options of shape, size, grip size, face, and core material, etc., it is a difficult process to figure out which paddle is suitable for you as well as the features that distinguish them. That is why we came up with this interactive paddle guide to help you make an informed decision based on how well you answer these questions. We advise that you peruse this article to enable you to find the pickleball paddle that is ideal for you. Let us get started!

The major factor to consider when finding the right paddle is the weight. The weight of your paddle tends to influence lots of things including the amount of control and power in your game, the comfort as well as the stamina while playing. Paddle weight also affects the “feel” of the paddle when you hold it in your hand as well as the kind of action that happens when you use it on the court. The paddle we sell has 3 weight options ranging from the heaviest to the lowest: heavy (8.5-9.5 oz), medium (7.3-8.4 oz) and light (<7.3 oz). Follow the guides in this article to know the best one for you.

Medium Paddles

  • A good choice if you cannot determine what weight is ideal for you
  • An ideal choice for those who play with both finesse and power
  • Best choice for most starters who are yet to figure out their play style and preferences
  • Best choice for those with elbow/shoulder/arthritis or hand injuries

Grip Circumference
Choosing the right grip size to enable you to be more comfortable while playing pickleball. A very small grip can take too much power to control, while a very large grip can cause elbow issues or cause the slip of the paddle from your hand. One important factor to note is that it is better to choose a small grip because it is extremely difficult to reduce most grips. However, for small grips, its size can be increased with a thicker grip or overgrip. Top players often use overgrips to customize the ideal grip size to suit their hand.

We currently have in stock small circumference and medium circumference grips. The size of our small grips range from 4-4⅛” and while that of the medium grips are 4¼”-4⅜”.

2 Ways to Pick a Grip Circumference
Height: The general rule is that if your height is less than 5’3”, you are expected to opt for a small grip. While for a height of 5’3” and above, you need to opt for a medium grip. If you are position on the border, I suggest that you should choose the smaller grip.

Measure your hand: Check the palm of your most functional hand. You will see 3 main creases flowing across your palm. Take the measurement of the middle crease right to the top of your ring finger to find the ideal grip circumference.

Small Grips – 4-4⅛”

  • Ensure that the wrist has enough space for movement, which allows for more powerful serves, control, and more spin.
  • Helps players switch hand easily for those who prefer the style
  • The size can be increased with overgrips

Medium Grips – 4¼”-4⅜”

  • Offers more stability
  • Easier on the arm