Browser Cafes are Great Alternatives to Tea Houses

Tea houses have got a very stodgy reputation.

In fact, a lot of people think that they are very conservative. It’s easy to see why a lot of them have really old school furniture. Some even have wood paneling. I wish I could tell you that this paneling came from the 90’s, but we’re talking 1930’s.

There are even many tea houses that look like the Great Gatsby hung out there along with Al Capone. It’s no surprise that a lot of millennials and younger people think that tea houses are the architectural and social versions of the dinosaurs. Not exactly cutting edge. Not exactly new, innovative and exciting.

That’s really too bad because tea houses have many different variations.

There are many different buildings and venues that share the same purpose as tea houses, but have let go of the stagio conservative trappings.

You wouldn't feel like you stepped into your grandmother’s old digs when you step into these new, spiritual successors of tea houses. I am, of course, talking about browser cafes.

Browser cafes are cafes that serve coffee and tea and light dishes like pasta and pastries with tons of books.

We’re talking about tens of thousands of books. You go there and it’s really well lit, the architectures amazing and the furniture is very modern. You just hang out and you can move from place to place, spot to spot. You can even access high-speed fiber-based internet. We’re not talking about wireless here, we’re talking about fiber internet. Meaning 100mbps and higher. What’s not to love?

The best part to all of this is that you don’t pay a coverage charge.

It’s like a cafe. When you come in and order a drink, that’s pretty much your ticket. It may have cost you a couple of bucks, but because you purchased something, you can hang out the cafe for however long you want. You can read as many different novels you pull from the shelves as possible. Or you can whip out your tablet or mobile phone and screw around with the internet. Nobody cares. That’s what’s so awesome about the browser cafe. It’s a public space where you can tune out.

The best part is the music.

A lot of them play neurotransmitter music, in other words, these are composed to trigger all sorts of hormonal signals that impact your wellbeing, your creativity levels and even chemicals linked to spirituality. Amazing stuff.

It’s no surprise that millennials from all 4 corners of the globe are waking up to browser cafes. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and layouts. The ideal browser cafe, of course, has a big footprint. It’s like a university library. We’re talking about a nice square or post-modern piece of architecture that’s made of steel and glass with a lot of wide open spaces and natural lighting. That’s on one extreme.

The other extreme, of course, looks like somebody’s room.

If you have a friend in highschool who loves books and is into gothic or emo music, that’s exactly the kind of room you find yourself in in those micro browser cafes. Lots of cute girls, a lot of smart guys with big ideas, it’s a fun time.

If you don’t want to hang out at the tea houses your grandma used to hang out in, there are modern browser cafes like the Roebling tea room you can check out.