4 Things To Consider When Looking For Your New Electric Guitar

When it comes to your first electric guitar, the situation may sound complicated, but we will make it simple for you. We were able to discover 4 things all beginners should consider first. By taking them into account before anything else, you will be able to get the best guitar for your skill level and your music. Below are the things that you need to consider:

Simple playability

A Beginner Electric Guitar must be simple and easy to play. In order to get that you will need a model with strings closer to the board rather than a model with strings far away from the board. This distance is simply known as action and it is much better for all beginners to consider the first type of electric guitars.

The mentioned type of guitars is easier to use and it offers more accurate tones. All of this is essential for beginners who are still learning how to play. Also, you will notice when the guitar needs tuning, due to the fact the distance between the strings and board will be significantly changed.


Your first electric guitar should be pre-tuned or pre-set by the manufacturer. Some models you can find on the market aren’t, meaning that you will have to tune them additionally. Although, for expert musicians, this isn’t the issue because they know when a guitar needs to be tuned, for beginners it is a massive complication. Just a hint, your new electric guitar has to sound the same when you play music and individual tones.

Single-coil pickups

Small metal pieces beneath the strings are referred to pickups. We can use many words to explain them in detail, but the bottom line is that they act like simple microphones that will transfer the vibrations of the strings to the amplifier. There are two main types. The first one is single-coil pickups. They are more common and they offer brighter sounds. This makes them ideal for beginners.

Humbuckers are the second type. The name is delivered because the ‘’hum’’ these guitars make when played. They are more common on hollow and semi-hollow electric guitars and as such, they are not ideal for beginners.

Tones of the wood

Different wood will make an electric guitar sound differently. All professionals know that and all of them invest a huge amount of time in order to find the best wood for their guitar. Sadly, there is no definite answer here. You will have to explore and try many guitars made of different woods so you find the one that sounds just you want.


At the end of a day, choosing the simplest electric guitar is easier than you may believe. At least it is with the help of these 4 factors. All of them are equally important and all of them are mandatory for beginners and intermediate users.